What is FAIR ART TRADE ︎︎︎

The first ethical international contemporary art platform and network for the improvement of the current art market paradigm

F adheres independently to the philosophy and principles of the FAIRTRADE certification label 

FAIR ART TRADE (F) is a contemporary art organisation that has developed an ethical, accessible and sustainable alternative model for the general public and visual artists interested in fair and protected artwork sale transactions following fairtrade values.  It challenges the contemporary art market mechanisms, democratizing them and reducing the extra charges of intermediaries commissions to 15%. F serves as an example that a parallel model is possible.

Upmarket good or collective cultural asset?

The contemporary art ecosystem and its specific rules affects and restricts the access of the general public to art acquisition, resulting in art being limited to the visual and ephemeral possession during a gallery visit experience or the book/online visualization.   Proficient contemporary art is not only a commodity, it is part of our culture, history and identity and therefore must be made accessible to all kinds of audiences. 

Accessibility and ethical awareness

F works to raise awareness and guarantee fair art prices and fair pay for the art producers of the current art ecosystem.  F diminishes the economic insecurity, class barriers and a competition based art system (applications, grants, prizes, etc) that currently affects most professional visual artists. F SHOP pursues to provide an steady income for all carefully selected featured artists.

F SHOP: Nurturing sustainable creative ecologies 

F takes a deep dive with proficient selected artists in their studios and workspaces. Like archaeologists of the present and future, we work together to identify and reveal singular and Unique Uncatalogued Artworks (UUA) that have found their home in uncharted territory to offer them to the general public with unprecedented democratic prices at the F SHOP . These auratic objects that had played a role in the process of an artist´s work are rescued and curated by F.   

Our planet´s resources and cultural production must be shared more equitably and we can only do so imagining, developing and introducing new paradigms and organisational structures