Who we are︎︎︎


FAIR ART TRADE was founded by visual artists Tania Blanco (born in Valencia, based in London) and Jesús Herrera Martinez (born in Petrer, based in Copenhagen) in February 2021, in response to long-term concerns about accesibility, the mechanisms of the art market and the present socio-economic climate.

F has now roots in Copenhagen, DK, London, UK and Valencia, ESP. Jesús and Tania are both visual artists working professionally in the field of contemporary arts and have been active for almost twenty years now.  Their experiences and research has allowed them to identify some of the structural problems within the present Contemporary Arts sector architecture.


The Advisory Board is composed by Gonzalo Herrero and Leslie Ramos, experts in the field of contemporary arts.  It was formed so as to expand, develop and consolidate F. Meetings, exchanges and discussions on concepts, steps and ideas take place on a regular basis.

Leslie Ramos
Art historian and Philanthropy advisor, with extensive experience in International Strategy and Philanthropy, Institutional Development, Corporate Fundraising and Patronage schemes for the Arts and Culture industry.

Gonzalo Herrero
Gonzalo Herrero Delicado is a curator, educator and architect based in London with over 15 years of experience developing curatorial projects and creative strategies for leading cultural organisations worldwide.

F pursues to provide a reliable and sustainable alternative to a model that can sometimes be distorted by capitalist exhaustion, unbalanced relationships, social exclusion and economic opacity.  Nevertheless, F has opened a parallel path that, without interfering with the traditional art market mechanisms, helps to guide, transform and motivate the public and professionals to navigate and interact with contemporary art in a healthier way.