Why purchase FAIR ART TRADE ︎

A new, fair, sustainable and ethical art trade paradigm 

  • Purchasing  Fair Art Trade labelled works equals participating in the contemporary art market responsibly and ethically, benefiting directly the art producers community and your savings

  • Fair Art Trade labelled works embody experimentations, accidents and finds.  All of them have been chosen from a curated selection of proficient active visual artists and they are likely to be rare, singular and uncatalogued .  These artworks have artistic and historical value in the present and in the future

  • The smaller the size of an artwork, the smaller the amount of raw materials used in its making and, therefore, the CO2 emissions emitted in that phase of art creation. In the same way, both its size and its weight have a decisive influence on the emissions caused during transport. If the artwork is small/medium sized, more units can be transported at the same time, and if it is light, less fuel and/or electricity is needed to transport it

  • Fair Art Trade artworks are packed for transport with previously used boxes and discarded packaging materials.  This type of packaging reduces the environmental footprint

  • It improves intellectual and material access of contemporary art to the majority of people

  • It helps to regulate the art market, making art transactions more transparent and direct

  • Both producers and consumers save money

  • Because it is one of the most effective ways of reducing the ecological footprint in the global art market systemF optimises the creators work process and it generates less waste, ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns (UN Goal #12) ︎