How to sell FAIR ART TRADE ︎

Phase 0

  1. Apply for membership
  2. If your application is approved by the designated professional selection panel (appointed by F annually) you will receive a membership registration number, as well as a personal certification logo, a users guide and F material to facilitate transport logistics for F certified artworks

Phase 1

  1. Pinning down of works for sale with traditional intermediaries (commercial galleries, art dealers, managers, etc). These works will not be offered for sale via FAIR ART TRADE
  2. Start thinking about works you have around or stored in the studio that connect with the F principles and therefore have the potential to be featured in the F XXXX SHOP.

Phase 2

  1. Discussion with the F SHOP expert management team. Personalised counselling and advice for deciding over the selection of artwoks, prices, sustainable packaging, etc of your future FAIR ART TRADE collection

Phase 3

  1. Inclusion in the F XXXX SHOP
  2. Public launch via social media and professional network

Phase 4

  1. Start selling to new wider audiences via F representation. Flat fee rates for transport of F artworks are covered by purchasers
  2. Receive 100% of the profits from each sale (15% extra will only be charged to purchasers for the maintenance of F)
  3. Seasonal or annual renewal of the F artwork collection or as soon as works are sold out